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March 7, 2005

Press Release, March 8 (WG 6)

Thematic Subject Area II: Confronting Terrorism
Working Group 6

March 8th, the International summit on Democracy and terrorism will host an eleven member panel which will examine the role of how local and national polices forces can face the new challenge of terrorism. The following topics will be addressed:

  • What is the actual capacity of police forces for dealing with this new threat, and what changes, both institutional and cultural, are necessary to help them?
  • Can existing institutions capable facilitate the increased demands for co-operation and information sharing, or do new international frameworks need to be created?
  • The possibility of creating international standards for strategic analysis and threat warnings.
  • Preventive measure that can be adopted by police forces.
  • Whether the use of new technologies by police forces might facilitate the struggle against terrorism.
The conclusions of this working group and 16 others will be incorporated into the Agenda of Madrid, which will be published on March 11th, 2005.

Working group members will include:

Working Group Coordinator:

  • Jürgen Storbeck (Germany), co-ordinator for law enforcement co-operation with the Gulf States of the German Minister of the Interior, Berlin. Former Director General of the European police agency, EUROPOL, The Hague. Distinguished career in the German Federal Criminal Police Office.


  • Willy Bruggeman (Netherlands), professor of police science at the Benelux University Centre. Former Senior Deputy Director of Europol, he has participated in ICPO-Interpol, Schengen, TREVI and STAR meetings. Active member of EU Article 36 Committee and active in several research groups.
  • Christer Ekberg (Sweden), Director of the Swedish Criminal Intelligence Service. Deputy Head of the National Criminal Police. Also served as Vice President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police from 1998-2000. Fellow of the Swedish Royal Academy of War Sciences.
  • Randolph Post Eddy (USA), founder and director of the Center for Tactical Counterterrorism, New York City. Senior advisor on counterterrorism to the New York Police Department. Former anti-terrorism official in the National Security Council.
  • Mariano Rayón (Spain-Italy), head of the Central External Intelligence Unit of the Spanish police. Distinguished career in policing. Was in charge of the investigation following the March 11 attacks in Madrid.
  • E. S, Akerboom (Netherlands), Chief of Police for Brabant-Noord Region, Netherlands. Former Head of Investigation in Utrecht and former president of AIVD (General Intelligence and Security Services).  An expert on police, intelligence and security issues.
  • Antero Lopez (Portugal-USA), Deputy Police Advisor at the United Nations Department for Peacekeeping Operations. Worked as UN police advisor in Bosnia-Herzegovina, East Timor, and various African countries. Commanded police districts and special investigations departments, as well as worked on counter-terrorism with the Portuguese police.
  • Juan Hidalgo (Spain), Senior terrorism advisor to the Spanish National Security Advisor. Expert on counter-terrorism and police intelligence. Long and distinguished career as an officer in the Spanish police service.
  • Gilles Leclair (France), Director of the French Anti-Terrorism Co-ordination Unit. Distinguished career in policing: formerly Deputy Director of EUROPOL, as well as Director of the French Office against Illegal Drug Traffic.
  • Denise Sorasio (France-Belgium), director of interior security and criminal justice at the European Commission, Brussels. Specialist in European policy and co-operation regarding justice, security and civil liberties. Formerly a professor at the University of Nice. (External member)
  • Jurgen Kapplinghaus (Netherlands-Germany), deputy National Member for Germany of the European Union's justice co-operation agency, Eurojust. Many years of experience prosecuting organized crime and terrorism, he is an expert in mutual legal assistance. Formerly Head of Division in the German Ministry of Justice.

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