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Department of Defense USS COLE Commission Report Official report from the Department of Defense on the attack on USS COLE (DDG 67), in the port of Aden, Yemen, on 12 October 2000.

Patterns of Global Terrorism 2001(PDF 34.8 MB)

Patterns of Global Terrorism 2003(PDF 7.6 MB)
Official report from the United States Government. The statistics on with the latest version are based have been seriously questioned, so the numbers and conclusions are not 100% reliable. Useful, anyway.

Terrorist Attacks by Al Qaeda pre- and post-9/11, staff memo(PDF 0.3 MB)
The U.S Congressional Research Service's official March 2004 listing of Al Qaeda attacks.

The 9-11 Commission Report(PDF 2.4 MB)
Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks on the United States (Official Government Edition). According to some critics, a masterpiece of bureaucratic prose that deserves to be read like a novel.

The Protean enemy, by Jessica Stern From Foreign Affairs Analysis of changes in the internal organisation, objectives and methods of Al Qaeda after the first two years of the War on Terror. (July/August 2003).

Legal Issues, International Conventions

Long-Term Legal Strategy Project for Preserving Security and Democratic Freedoms in the War on Terrorism(PDF 1.5 MB)
Joint project between Harvard University and the Kennedy School of Government and Law, analyzing the long-term legal implications of the war against terrorism. (November 2004).

Status of International Conventions Relating to Terrorism(PDF 0.1 MB)
Legal situation in 2002.


Activism, Hacktivism, and Cyberterrorism: The Internet as a Tool for Influencing Foreign Policy

Del 11-M al 14-M: estrategia yihadista, elecciones generales y opinión pública With some time having passed since the events of March 11th, and the celebration of the European elections, the Elcano Royal Institute produces a review of Spain's March 14th elections and an analysis of the effects of the March 11th terrorist attacks, asking specifically 'could it happen again?' (Spanish)

Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in the 21st Century: Reconceptualizing Threat and Response(PDF 0.3 MB)
Published by the Strategic Studies Institute of the United States Army War College, this document supports the need for a deep restructuring of the counterinsurgency doctrine of the North American Army in the new century.

The French Experience of Counter-terrorism(PDF 0.2 MB)


Homeland Security: Protecting Airliners from Terrorist Missiles(PDF 0.8 MB)
The Congressional Research Service de los EEUU analyses the menace of the Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) for Airliners. The EEUU Congressional Research Service's analyses the threat of MANPADS (Man-Portable Air Defense Systems) to Airliners.

Long-term global demographic trends: reshaping the geopolitical landscape(PDF 2.5 MB)
Published in 2001, this report from the Central Intelligence Agency analyses global demographic trends and ascertains their possible impact on United States security. (For example, the high percentage of 15 to 25 year old males among the general population in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iraq).

Oil Crash and Oil Boom. Demographics and Economics In the Gulf(PDF 0.2 MB)
Anthony H. Cordesman (CSIS) takes into account both economic and other measurements of the quality of life, in this analysis of the demographics of the Persian Gulf.

The Causes and Underlying Factors of Terrorism

The Roots of Terrorism(PDF 0.1 MB)
Bibliography of texts related to the 'Roots of Terrorism', published by the United States embassy on Finland.

Youth Explosion in Developing World Cities. Approaches to reducing Poverty and Conflict in an Urban Age(PDF 0.7 MB)
A group of authors, from the Comparative Urban Studies Project of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, analyse the impact of accelerated urbanization on developing countries.

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