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March 03, 2005

Cultural Programme

March 8 – 10

Madrid In Memoriam: Photography Exhibition

Palacio Municipal de Congresos
In the Main Entrance Hall of the Palacio Municipal de Congresos, the Club of Madrid, in collaboration with Madrid In Memoriam, will present a photo exhibit commemorating the 1st anniversary of the Madrid terrorist attacks.

Madrid In Memoriam has compiled visual testimonials of March 11 and the ensuing events from professional and amateur photographers throughout Spain.

The objective of the exhibit is, above all, to honor the memory of the victims, as well as to pay tribute to the courage and dignity of the people of Spain and the solidarity of the local, national and international community.

Wednesday, March 9th

Madrid In Memoriam:
Photo Montage

Palacio Municipal de Congresos
19.30 – Madrid In Memoriam
Venue: Polivalente

Immediately following the last plenary of the day Democracy and Terrorism, five minutes will be dedicated to the remembrance of March 11 2004 with a presentation of photographs compiled by the Madrid In Memoriam As sociation.

Madrid In Memoriam is an association dedicated to honoring the memory of the victims of March 11. Through photographs donated to the association from professionals and amateurs all around Spain, Madrid In Memoriam has been able to visually capture the social turmoil that was experienced on that day, as well as the ensuing solidarity of the people of Spain.

Thursday, March 10th

Cellist, Arnau Tomás Realp

Palacio Municipal de Congresos
19.30 – El Cant dels Ocells, Pau Casals
Venue: Polivalente

Arnau Tomás Realp, cellist of Spain’s foremost quartet – Cuarteto Casals - will play Pau Casals’ signature encore El Cant dels Ocells. This piece, which is based on a Catalan folk song, was performed by Pau Casals at the White House and the United Nations, and has become a national hymn for peace.

March 7 – 18


Casa de America, will host a thematically linked documentary and film series in the Sala Iberia(*).

Casa de America is located in the center of Madrid on the Paseo de Recoletos, 2 (in the Plaza de Cibeles).

The mission of Casa de America is to promote a better understanding between Latin America and Spain. To this end, it acts as an active and dynamic center for the development of a variety of activities, promoting debate, reflection and research on issues of cultural, artistic, ideological, social, scientific, technological, economic and political content. The idea is to create an objective and open forum and meeting place aimed at the diffusion of those elements that, in some way, might help tighten the links that unite the countries that make up the Community of Latin American Nations, as well as tighten institutional relations between America and Europe.

With the collaboration ofSafe Democracy Foundation
Members of the Club de Madrid

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