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Members of the Club de Madrid

and its Executive Committee (As at 1 December 2004)

Adamkus, Valdas (-) President of Lithuania
Ahtisaari, Martti Former President of Finland
Alfonsín, Raúl Former President of Argentina
Al-Mahdi, Sadig Former Prime Minister of Sudan
Arzú, Alvaro Former President of Guatemala
Aylwin, Patricio Former President of Chile
Aznar, José María Former Prime Minister of Spain
Betancur, Belisario Former President of Colombia
Bildt, Carl Former Prime Minister of Sweden
Brundtland, Gro Harlem Former Prime Minister of Norway
Calvo-Sotelo, Leopoldo Former Prime Minister of Spain
Campbell, Kim (*) Secretary General. Former Prime Minister of Canada
Cardoso, Fernando Henrique (*) President. Former President of Brazil
Cavaco Silva, Aníbal Former Prime Minister of Portugal
Clinton, William J. Honorary Co-Chairman. Former President of the United States of America
Delors, Jacques Former President of the European Commission
Dimitrov, Philip Former Prime Minister of Bulgaria
Fernández, Leonel (-) President of the Dominican Republic
Figueres, José María (*) Former President of Costa Rica
Frei Ruiz-Tagle, Eduardo (*) Former President of Chile
Gaviria, César (*) Former President of Colombia
González Márquez, Felipe Former Prime Minister of Spain
Gorbachev, Mikhail Former President of the Soviet Union
Gujral, Inder Kumar Former Prime Minister of India
Guterres, Antonio Oliveira Former Prime Minister of Portugal
Havel, Václav Former President of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic
Hurtado, Osvaldo Former President of Ecuador
Jospin, Lionel Former Prime Minister of France
Kohl, Helmut Former Chancellor of Germany
Konaré, Alpha Oumar Former President of Mali
Kučan, Milan Former President of Slovenia
Lee, Hong-Koo (*) Former Prime Minister of Korea
Major, John Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Mascarenhas Monteiro, Antonio Former President of Cape Verde
Masire, Ketumile Former President of Botswana
Mazowiecki, Tadeusz Former Prime Minister of Poland
Meidani, Rexhep (*) Former President of Albania
Meri, Lennart Former President of Estonia
Paniagua, Valentín (*) Former President of Peru
Panyarachun, Anand Former Prime Minister of Thailand
Pastrana, Andrés Former President of Colombia
Pérez de Cuellar, Javier Former UN Secretary-General. Former Prime Minister of Peru
Prodi, Romano President of the EC. Former Prime Minister of Italy
Quiroga, Jorge Fernando Former President of Bolivia
Ramos, Fidel Valdes Former President of the Republic of the Philippines
Rasmussen, Poul Nyrup Former Prime Minister of Denmark
Robinson, Mary (*) Vice President. Former President of Ireland
Roman, Petre Former Prime Minister of Romania
Sánchez de Lozada, Gonzalo Former President of Bolivia
Sanguinetti, Julio María (*) Former President of Uruguay
Shipley, Jennifer Mary Former Prime Minister of New Zealand
Soares, Mário Former President of Portugal
Suárez, Adolfo Former Prime Minister of Spain
Suchocka, Hanna (*) Former Prime Minister of Poland
Zedillo, Ernesto (*) Former President of Mexico
Hidalgo, Diego (*) President of FRIDE
Jones, T. Anthony (*) Vice-president and Executive Manager of GFNA
Matthews, George (*) President of GFNA
Romero, José Manuel (*) Trustee of FRIDE
H.E. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (+) Prime Minister of Spain
H.E. Esperanza Aguirre (+) President of the Regional Government of Madrid
H.E. Alberto Ruíz-Gallardón (+) Mayor of Madrid
(*) Members of the Executive Committee
(-) Inactive status while holding executive office
(+) Honorary Member
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Members of the Club de Madrid

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