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March 10, 2005

Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism in Spain

Moderator: Rogelio Alonso
Panellists:Fernando Reinares, Edurne Uriarte, Francisco Llera, Antonio Elorza, Carlos Fernández de Casadevante, José Manuel Mata, Oscar Jaime Jiménez, Florencio Domínguez, Maite Pagazaurtundua

The panel Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism in Spain evaluated the country’s experiences with Basque and Islamist terrorism. Controversially, one panellist argued that the Basque case had proved some of the liberal assumptions wrong: political initiatives had consistently failed, democracy – if anything – appeared to encourage the terrorists, and economic prosperity had contributed little to creating stability. Others believed that the Basque experience provided crucial lessons, namely that co-operation – between countries, as well as between the police and the political agencies of the state – was crucial in making counter-terrorism measures effective. The panel was organised in collaboration with Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid.


Complete audio of the conference


General view of the table who spoke at the session about "Terrorism and anti-terrorism in Spain". (Photo: Club de Madrid)

From left to right: José Manuel Mata, Fernando Reinares, Florencio Domínguez, Carlos, Fernández de Casadevante and the moderator Rogelio Alonso, during the session about "Terrorism and anti-terrorism in Spain" (Photo: Club de Madrid)
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