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March 9, 2005

Terror and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Moderator: Shlomo Ben-Ami
Panellists: Efraim Halevy, Abdel Monem Said Aly, Sa’eb Erakat, Terje Rød Larsen
Respondent: Robert Malley

The panel The War on Terror and the Arab-Israeli Conflict noted that the Madrid Summit took place at a possibly crucial juncture in Middle Eastern politics. All panellists expressed their hope for a positive turn in the fate of the region, with one panellist claiming that a peace deal could emerge within a matter of months. The renewed prospects for peace, however, also challenged both sides to deliver on their previous commitments: the year 2005, one participant stipulated, was a moment of truth! The panel was organised in collaboration with the Toledo International Centre for Peace.


Complete audio of the conference


The israeli Shlomo Ben-Ami and the palestinian Sa'eb Erakat during the conference "The war on terror and the arab-israeli conflict". (Photo: Club de Madrid)
Terje Rod-Larsen and Shlomo Ben-Ami chating during the session about the arab-israeli conflict. (Photo: Club de Madrid)
With the collaboration ofSafe Democracy Foundation
Members of the Club de Madrid

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