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Working Groups

The summit brings together the world’s leading experts, the most influential policymakers and ordinary citizens from across the globe with the aim of constructing a comprehensive vision of how the threat from terrorism should be dealt with. The result will be an innovative plan of action – a powerful programme that will turn this event into the focal point at which the agenda in the international struggle against terrorism is set.

The Madrid Documents

The new agenda will be embodied in the Madrid documents:

  • The Madrid Agenda, containing a series of principles which ought to guide the democratic struggle against terrorism
  • The Madrid Policies, addressing the most important, practical issues, providing for an immediate as well as a long-term response to the terrorist threat.


To prepare the Madrid documents, two hundred of the world’s leading experts are currently engaging in a process of intense debate. Working groups are focusing on the following subject areas:

  • The Causes and Underlying Factors of Terrorism, exploring the individual, political, economic, cultural and religious causes of terrorism.
  • Confronting Terrorism, dealing with the roles and responsibilities of the police, the military, the intelligence services and the legal system.
  • Towards a Democratic Response, constructing the vision of a struggle against terrorism based on the principles of democracy, international co-operation and civic engagement.


The summit will take place on March 11 and the three days leading up to it:

  • On the first two days, the working groups will be in closed session, debating their work with experienced former political leaders, expert practitioners and ordinary citizens.
  • On the third day, the process will be opened to a wider audience, allowing for further critical reflection.
  • On March 11, the Madrid documents will be publicly announced. Citizens from across the globe have a chance to express their views. The outcome will be the most comprehensive effort yet made at developing a truly democratic response to the terrorist threat.

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