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  Issue number 3; March the 6th, 2005; 2 days to summit 
Cuenta atrás

With less than one week left for the Summit, the team is focused on putting together the details of the programme and you can consult the most recent version of it on Summit Programme. The most important new feature is the confirmation that certain personalities will be present at the Summit.

We have also highlighted some of the most important activities on the Cultural Agenda during the Summit. These highlights can also be consulted below.

During the Summit, a team of journalists will publish summaries of the activities on the Web page. During March 9th and 10th twice a day, you will be able to get the news and to find out what's happening; therefore, even if you cannot be in Madrid, you will be able to participate in the Summit.

In the section Contribute we have published the following:

Democracy and Terrorism: the Impact of the Anti
How can terrorism be dealt with without undermining the very foundations of a democracy? Recent focus on international terrorism has an unprecedented impact on national level policy, with implications for both mature and emergent democracies.
by Judith Large

Terrorism in Southeast Asia: Australia as Part of the Problem
Australia's government's current approach to counter-terrorism in Southeast Asia does not the address the root causes of terrorism -the complex interplay of economic, political and cultural elements- but aims at simplistic solutions based on the use of hard power that often lead to conflating Islamic terrorist networks with legitimate opposition groups.
by David Wright-Neville

Talking to terrorists in Gaza
A dialogue in Palestine makes the Dutch expert in conflict resolution, Mient Jan Faber, think afresh about the ethical foundations of political action.
by Mient Jan Faber

We are waiting for your take; please, send us your opinions.

A tribute to terror victims, as a search for a solution for this plague in democracy in 21st century

A confrontational weapon for extreme ideological positions to put the democratic consensus against terrorism at risk.


During the summit the Club of Madrid in collaboration with Madrid In Memoriam, will present in the Main Entrance Hall of the Palacio Municipal de Congresos a photo exhibit commemorating the 1st anniversary of the Madrid terrorist attacks. This exposition professional as well as amateur photographs is a testimonial recompilation of the events that took place on March 2004.

Immediately following the last session of the day "Democracy and Terrorism" on Wednesday, March 9th at 19:30h, five minutes will be dedicated to the remembrance of March 11, 2004 in the Polivalente room with a presentation of photographs compiled by the Madrid In Memoriam Association.

On Thursday March 10th, at the close of the Summit Arnau Tomás Realp, cellist of Spain's foremost quartet Cuarteto Casals - will play Pau Casals' signature encore El Cant dels Ocells in the Polivalente room. This piece, based on a Catalan folk song, once performed by Pau Casals has become an international hymn for peace.

Casa de America Film Series

For the International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism, and Security, Casa de America will host a fiction and documentary film series surrounding the themes of the Summit(*) in the Sala Iberia. Casa de America is located in the heart of Madrid on Paseo de Recoletos, 2 (in the Plaza de Cibeles).

You can download the promotional Safe Democracy video (384x288 / MPEG / 5 MB)