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  Issue number 2; February 25, 2005; 11 days to summit  
Cuenta atrás

The updated Summit programme is available. HRH the Prince of Asturias, will attend the inauguration. Furthermore, the Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero will take part in the discussions on the 10th, where Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations, will give a keynote speech and HM King Juan Carlos I of Spain will also address the Summit's participants.

Throughout the rest of the Summit world specialists on Terrorism will debate the best way to eradicate terrorism without putting democracy at risk.

In addition, the International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security has started in collaboration with a new initiative to encourage participation at world-wide level: Meet on 11M.

openDemocracy is encouraging and enabling thousands around the world to meet on March 11, in parallel with the public commemorations in Madrid. This will be a chance for people to gather with friends, family and colleagues to remember those killed in terrorist attacks all over the world and to reflect on democratic responses to terrorism.

If you are interested, register for your own meeting.

In the section Contribute we have published the following:

Five principles for a safer future
Democracies can effectively fight terror only by remaining true to themselves.
by Isabel Hilton

Terrorism and communication
Terrorism and some of the related terms (such as "jihadism") are often used rhetorically due to the state communication strategies. The oversimplification of analysis and abuse of slogans and labels in public and private media can widen the gap that today separates Muslims and westerners. Also, it prevents the deep reflection on the structural origins of violence.
by Jean-Luc Marret

We are waiting for your take; please, send us your opinions.

A non-partisan forum to discuss ideas and to work towards a consensus on the democratic response to terror.

A space for extremist, antidemocratic ideologues to air divisive or hateful proposals which are offensive to cultures or religions.


We continue to attract a wide range of contributions to the online debates from people across the world. The discussions are packed with interesting ideas and possible paths forward in the fight against terror, and we hope that you will find time to look at the debate website and make your own contributions.

Debates are now running in French including some translated texts from the English and Spanish forums.

Finally, we have started to include brief summaries of the initial conclusions of the groups that are working to formulate the Madrid Agenda. If you want to know more, look within each one of the categories of the forums under the name 'Keeping you posted on the Madrid Agenda'.